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Clear Nails Plus

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-23)

A very common foot problem is Clear Nails Plus Review Plantar Fasciitis which is a stretching of the Plantar Fascia, a tendon running from the heel along the bottom of the foot to just past the arch. Stretching this tendon can give severe pain and discomfort, in most instances it can feel like a heel spur and is most painful when the sufferer first gets up from a night's rest. Conditions such as over pronation and over supination can frequently be remedied simply by correcting the foot imbalance. Orthotic Arch Supports ease tension and align the feet with every step as they offer support to the arch. Spenco Medical Corporation makes several styles of Orthotic Arch Support Insoles, all awarded the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association and are recommended by Podiatrist more than any other brand. Spenco's Orthotic Arch Support Insoles help control, stabilize and balance the foot by providing firm support and are worn in casual or athletic shoes for any activity. As with all Spenco products, they include a friction resistant, anti-microbial top cloth to improve overall comfort. For dress and tight-fitting shoes, Spenco makes a Orthotic Arch Support that is thinner to take less room in the shoe. These ThinSole Othotic Arch Support Insoles give firm support to help control, stabilize and balance the foot. The same friction resistant, anti-microbial top cloth covers the Insole to improve comfort and reduce odors. Many people, needing Orthotic Arch Support Insoles find the firm arch is uncomfortable. Spenco offers a Soft Support for the Arch, the Arch Cushion Insoles. The Arch Cushion Insoles combine the benefits of an Arch Support with a soft arch "cookie" that contours with each step to support the arch and energy absorbing cushioning to help relieve pain without any added pressure from a firm arch. And like firm Arch Support Insoles, the Arch Cushion Insoles offer extra stability to help keep up proper foot position.