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Clear Nails Plus

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-23)

One very effective age Clear Nails Plus Review old treatment for how to get rid of dry skin on heels was simply to go to bed each night after you lather on some bacon fat or even petroleum jelly. Cover them up with heavy socks and in the morning you'd actually see some improvement. That idea still has some followers in today's world, however olive oil or vitamin E oil is usually used instead. Both of these oils have their own healing and restorative powers. Therapeutic oils of this type usually have a higher level of success in treating bad cracks than simply using standard hand and body lotions. Along with Vitamin E oils, you can also try wheat germ oil and even honey - one of nature's best moisturizers and antibacterial solutions. Newer preparations include alphahydroxy acids which help slough off the dead skin cells that have turned into a hard barrier. This calloused barrier is the reason that lotions and creams don't have much effect; it's too thick to allow the lotions to be absorbed. The alphahydroxy acids break down the callous and create new softer skin, allowing additional treatment with lotions and creams after that. Medicated heel pads have become a popular way for how to get rid of dry skin on heels. Some can be purchased over the counter and stronger ones must be prescribed by a doctor. They have a medicated lotion that acts as a moisturizer, along with antibacterial ointment and a topical pain killer. These ingredients are all time released over the course of the day, and they are disposable. Even some of the greasiest lotions don't seem to do much good, especially in cases where you really need to get rid of dry skin on heels. Dry cracked skin on any part of the body can be unsightly, uncomfortable, and painful, but the feet and heels tend to need special treatment. For years, it was thought that moisture was what dry skin needed to repair itself, so cosmetic firms and pharmaceutical companies came out with lotions and balms and all sorts of products that promised remarkable, long lasting results. Only a few of these products showed any promise, and people with severely dry and painfully cracked heels were forced to visit doctors for some expensive and uncomfortable treatments instead. Learning how to get rid of dry skin on heels is unlike cracks on finger tips or even elbows, because cracks on heels can be very deep. They can bleed and get infected, causing even more problems. For sufferers who have chronic conditions such as diabetes, one tiny crack in a heel can turn into a life threatening situation.