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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-22)

On race day one - 7km upstream - the villagers 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review disappeared into the distance in minutes and the westerners were left to battle it out amongst themselves. The big surprise was that one of the overall leaders in the Last Man Standing competition, Brad, was eliminated, along with Corey, the endurance expert. Rajko deserves great credit for risking his own chances in order to help Brad who found paddling upstream especially difficult. Brad would have provided a large and tasty meal for any crocodiles in the vicinity! On race day two - 14km downstream - the villagers again vanished in a flurry of waves. A villager called Eddy won the overall race but the four remaining western heroes fought out a tough race between themselves. Eventually, Jason glided in first ahead of Rajko, Richard and Mark, to a standing ovation. He even came in ahead of some of the locals who had learned how to canoe from their childhood days. Jason now joined Rajkot and Brad on two wins in the overall competition. Three of the westerners, then, had tied first in the overall competition for the best in the eight competitions of the series. Jason was one of the three. A deciding ballot was held amongst the team members as to which of the three had grown most in the series and the result was unanimous: Jason, from Florida in the USA, was the final winner. Jason, then, was the last man standing. His keyword 'Harder' had worked! The harder you work, the more likely you are to be a success. Hard work is not a popular idea with many self-development gurus who keep telling you to work smart rather than hard. However, there usually comes a point when you've been as smart as you can be but you still have to work hard to stand tall in that canoe or come first in that race. You may also have to work hard before you learn the skills necessary to work smart! Maybe, more of us should write the word 'harder' or 'faster' etc on our right arms or a prominent poster and just keep repeating the word as often as possible.