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Overnight Millionaire System

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-22)

Having said all that, what does it all boil down to, Overnight Millionaire System Review and what should we actually believe about teachings such as the "Secret". What we need to do is look into some of the theories concerning vibrations, energy, etc. As an engineer, I understand these at the technical level, but what do they mean when applied to the things we are talking about.First of all what do we mean by "Vibration"? Generally speaking, when something vibrates, it moves from one positive energy state, through a zero point and then to another state, almost equal in amplitude, but in the opposite direction. Unless energy is imparted to this vibrating system,eventually the vibration will stop due to normal mechanical losses. Now take a standard tuning fork, and notice that when it is struck, a musical note is emitted, you will also notice that both prongs of the fork are moving. Interestingly, if we touch one of these prongs whilst the fork is vibrating, the other prong also stops, we are now getting involved with sympathetic vibration (does this sound familiar "Law Of Attraction") If we think of our manifesting thoughts as one prong of the tuning fork, before we can really get going we have to find the other prong, but where is that, well we know from all our other teachings, it is "Out There" in the infinite but we must get in sympathy. Getting in sympathy is basically all of the techniques of positive affirmation, goal planning, envisioning etc. But, you may say, that in a statement I made earlier, that all the "Dreaming" in the world won't do anything unless we apply action, and that is true, this is where the ENERGY part of the equation comes in.