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Text Chemistry

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-22)

Is it immoral to introduce Text Chemistry Review yourself to a girl that only intended to go out dancing with her friends, and only to find her self in the throes of incredible sexual pleasure only a few hours later? Is it unethical to elicit a girls deepest unmet wants and needs, and then through the advanced art of covert and conversational hypnosis, link her desires for a fulfilling and happy life to having repeated sexual encounters with you, leaving you both happy and fulfilled? Does it create any long term damage to her self esteem and self respect to use these powerful and covert skills to seduce her into not only performing deviant sexual acts that she would be too embarrassed to tell her best friends about, but to thoroughly enjoy performing them, again and again, and beg for more? Some say yes. All is fair in love and war. Play or be played. Get yours before somebody else gets you. Some say no. Some say you have a responsibility to the well being of others once you learn how easy it is to manipulate and persuade. With great power comes great responsibility. I would like to talk about an issue that most males encounter when they start picking up a woman, a severe issue that can ruin your chances of hooking up with a woman. Most people realize it through their experience; however, you can refrain from it if you read the next few lines carefully. I am talking about a situation when you start giving too much importance to a woman. After a few meetings or dates with her, you feel that she is the perfect one for you. You have feelings for her and become nervous when she is around. In spite of it you believe she will be attracted to you while you are totally 'under the influence' of her. The outcome of this situation can spoil all your chances of ever hooking up with her. Such a situation happens when you start meeting a girl and receive a lot of positive signals and flirting from her. Both of you exchange phone numbers and maybe you plan to go on another date as well. When you hit your bed, you think about her all the time. She may not be the perfect woman on the earth yet she seems to be a perfect woman in your view. Soon, you realize that you have become obsessed with her and that is how you become nervous whenever she is around. You try to be nice with her all the time, agree with everything she think, and start giving in to all her requirements.