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Ketogenic Accelerator

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-21)

But years and years of dieting had Ketogenic Accelerator Review left me in the same place...with a roll of fat around my middle. It was a chance Doctors appointment that started me thinking that there might be real reasons I was fighting this problem. I was at a time in my life when everything in general and some "challenges" (got to love 'em!) in specific had taken a toll on my sleep. It had gone beyond not just getting a good nights sleep every now and then. I was chronically tired and lived in a state of exhaustion. My Doctor has to be one of the few that wants to make sure what she tells you is useful. She pointed out the reality of what effect this chronic fatigue was having on my life and my inability to lose weight. The first connection she showed me was that while I was normally a disciplined person I was having a very hard time maintaining that. My energy was being used just to get through the day. When all you can think about is whether you can squeeze in a nap, the things that require you to focus just don't make the list! It's difficult to concentrate on the things that aren't absolutely necessary, like eating right, when you are in this state of exhaustion. Being that tired all day, every day also was leaving me "starved" for energy. I would do anything to have a little burst of steam to help me get through the day. Of course that sent me in the direction of one of the classic bad habits of constant dieters....the mid-afternoon snack. Granted this snack when you feel this way has to be a candy bar or a soda for instant energy (or if you're like me...BOTH!). So once again being chronically fatigued has played into my weight . Lack of energy also has an effect on your metabolism. If you consider the speed with which you attack your day, you will have some idea of what is going on inside as your body processes food. On the off chance that you were able to eat in a healthy manner, it is not going to be that quick metabolism burning those calories and turning them into energy.