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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-21)

The reason that these 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review failures occur is because our critical voice is able to make us feel inadequate, depressed, guilty, stupid, lazy, incompetent. If your critical voice carries on any conversations that includes these negative words, is it any wonder that you are not successful or that when you get close to being successful, your critical voice makes sure that does not happen. This critical voice is very subtle but has generally been around for a long time thus we have come to believe everything that this critic tells us; e.g., we have given the critical voice power. Power that you can take back. Power that will help you to break through this sabotaging behavior. The problem is that the voice has been around for so long we have forgotten that it is really "our" voice not another persons voice. The voice may have gained power as we were growing up because we heard negative comments from people we trusted; such as, teachers, parents, friends, bosses, etc. We may have allowed this critical voice to become bigger and more powerful than was necessary. Are you ready to take this power away from your critical self and quiet the conversation? I believe you probably are ready. As you hear the voice, ask yourself these questions, "is this really true", "does this have any bearing on my life today," "am I going to believe this nonsense", etc.? Begin to quiet the voice by saying "stop", "be quiet", or "I do not hear you." It is your critical voice so you are the only one that can manage the voice. As you gain control and begin to own your life and your success, you will find that you are less and less prone to sabotage your success. Each time you are faced with the possibility of sabotaging, quiet the voice, and be successful in spite of the critical voice and celebrate your successes every day. All successful businesses have 10 Qualities in common. Today we are going to focus on Quality #1 - Become a Great Businessperson. Are you a great businessperson? What does this mean exactly? And, if you are not a great businessperson today, how do you change that or achieve this esteemed title? Your business is a reflection of yourself. So, how does your business look? This can be an extremely tough question...look in the mirror and what do you see? Do you like what you see? Do other people like what they see in you? Do you have integrity? Are you a leader? Are you honest? Take a closer look. You need to set clear and written goals. Clear and concise goals are critical to achieve any type of success. You have to define what you are looking to achieve before you can achieve it. This makes so much sense, but most people today do not set goals or write them down.