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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-21)

Unfortunately, we create many of our current bad 7 Day Prayer Miracle Reviewcircumstances by bad decisions from the past. Yet, they are what they are. It is wasted energy to wet on ourselves and commiserate about how bad and how unfair our circumstances are. Conversely, all our energy needs to be focused on living our daily life - on the job, in our business, with our children, our spouse, and our friends - with a basic set of commandments which move us daily, weekly, monthly and yearly toward winning the game of life. Many people view success in terms of power, wealth, or fame. This is not the true success that a lot of people strive for and accomplish every day. Many of the most enduring and satisfying forms of success have nothing do with acquiring power, wealth, or fame. Success is what you make it. For some people it is just keeping busy, having fun and enjoying life as never before.Lots of people have a goal of wanting to make bucket loads of money so they can do nothing. The people who have this desire most often hate their jobs. They have given up trying and cannot believe they will ever achieve their financial goals through their career. It is easy to fall into this trap. Full time loafing sounds like an attractive proposition when you are spending your days working your butt off. Actually it becomes quite boring after a while.The solution is really easy. Stop working and start enjoying how you make your money. No matter what job you do, it is vitally important that you find something you love doing...something you are passionate about.