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by Regina Fancy (2019-11-20)

Generally, the signs of diabetes show up very easily. StrictionD Review V Thus it is very much essential to understand the signs of diabetes type 1, so that you can start the treatment. The symptoms of type 1 diabetes are as follows: Extreme hunger: As body is not able to generate insulin; sugar enters into cells without the help of insulin. Thus, our body moves sugar into cells without insulin, which weakens our muscles and organs. They loose lot of energy and hence our body demands food at small intervals. Frequent urination and excessive thirst: Due to excess deposition of sugar in the bloodstream, lot of water is absorbed by tissues. Thus makes us drink ample of water. Hence, we frequently need to visit restroom. Sudden loss of weight: Even though we eat more than our normal appetite- we may lose excessive amount of weight. As our body is unable to receive energy - the fats stored by your muscles and tissues gradually disappear Extreme weakness: Due to insufficient supply of sugar- cells become more weak and irritable Blurred vision: As the level of sugar in bloodstream increases, it extracts out the fluid from our tissues. They also pull away fluid from eye lenses. This will impair our vision power Even though if our medical research is unaware of the reasons that contribute for diabetes type 1, scientists have found that people with diabetes type 1 experience malfunctioned immune system. In this case, the immune system mistakenly destroys the insulin generating cells. Not many risk factors of diabetes have come into limelight; scientists have mentioned few of them. Certain factors that increase the risk of diabetes are as follows: