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Nerve Renew

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-20)

Although hand position Nerve Renew Review and median nerve pressure contributes to these symptoms there are usually multifactorial causes for neurological symptoms such as pain, tingling and numbness. It is important no matter the level of competition or recreational cycling that if you are experiencing these types of symptoms to be evaluated by a qualified health care professional. For the serious amateur or professional cyclist who spend hours training and racing, this repetitive stress can take its toll. CTS is a condition that can be prevented and avoided and hopefully not interfere or end a promising cycling career. Injury to the median nerve results in symptoms of pins, needles, numbness, tingling and weakness. The median nerve passes from the forearm to the wrist through the carpal tunnel. The tunnel is made up of carpal bones which form the floor, and the roof is formed by a thick ligament. The flexor tendons of the fingers are also packed tightly into the tunnel. When the nerve is irritated inflammation and swelling occur, and the increased pressure on the nerve causes it to malfunction and the CTS symptoms. Being properly fit to your bike frame, seat and handlebar heights and angles, and pedals can be the first step in preventing CTS. Proper fit is a major step to not only performance and comfort, but preventing overuse injuries while cycling. Being in an upright position, taking direct pressure of your hands, wrists and the median nerve will reduce the likelihood of irritating or damaging the carpal tunnel structures. When out on long rides, make sure you constantly shift positions on the handlebars and not keep to one position for an extended length of time. Cycling gloves usually have padding that helps protect the hands, and some people even like to use padded handlebars to give them extra comfort. The extra padding helps to absorb the shock from a rough road also. Make sure the weight on your hands is not directly centered on the palms of the hand, and is evenly distributed to the outside of the hands as well. Stretch your hands and wrists before and after each ride. This will help prepare the tissues and also recover better if you take a few minutes to do a short stretching session before hitting the road.