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Gluco Type 2

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-14)

It had previously been thought that the link between Gluco Type 2 Review birth-weight and later development of type 2, was the result of the pregnant mother's eating habits, which were thought to influence both the baby's development and propensity for type 2 diabetes through intra uterus programming. While the scientists who conducted the research do not debunk this theory, they have overlaid it with the effect of genetic predisposition in a classic "nature versus nurture debate". According to Rachel Freathy of the Southern England Peninsula School, (who was involved in the study)... answering this question will sharpen the way efforts to prevent the disease in future are targeted. The team including scientists from Britain, Finland, Holland and the United States analyzed evidence that they gleaned from nineteen earlier studies of pregnancy and birth. They were able to isolate two genetic variants that were strongly linked to weight at birth. One of these, ADCY5 had previously been linked with the likelihood of type 2 diabetes, which completes the circle. Children who inherit dual risk copies of this variant are believed to have a 25% higher risk of developing adult-onset diabetes, and also weigh less at birth, explain the scientists. According to respected scientist Mark McCarthy of Oxford University the findings are as substantial as they were unexpected. He also mentioned that he was surprised to see such strong genetic effects for a characteristic such as birth weight, which is also subject to such powerful environmental influences.