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IGR Plus

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-14)

Doctors know that inflammation can lead to healing IGR Plus Review when there is a traumatic injury to a specific part of the body. When the inflammation becomes chronic, the stage is set for many of the degenerative diseases that are becoming more and more prevalent. It is when the immune system goes awry, that such inflammatory processes occur and will lead to greater more serious consequences. It seems that in ancient times, man was not prone to these serious inflammatory diseases, as is modern man. Examination of skeleton remains found in Egyptian tombs, did not show them to have degenerative diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA).Why then, should we in this modern age of hygiene and medicine, be chosen to be plagued by these inflammatory processes? To answer this intriguing question, a closer look at our lifestyles would be in order. Several answers come to mind as we examine possible etiologies to this intriguing question. These answers are basically due to our normal lifestyles, if normal is the term that should be used in this instance. There are three basic areas that need to be examined that can be definite triggers. They are:Unfortunately, the foods we eat the most, have been processed to such a degree that they have little resemblance to the foods eaten in past times. Read the labels; can you pronounce the additives in these foods? We are not discussing just one or two additives, but at least a dozen or more chemicals that are added to the majority of foods we eat on a daily basis. We may try to buy organically grown vegetables, but I will venture to say, much of the nutrients will be lost by the time they reach market, and then radically diminished of their nutrients in their preparation.